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A Cause to Celebrate

ModSocks sponsored Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood’s 50th anniversary kickoff celebration attended by Planned Parenthood president Dr. Leana Wen, the board of directors including Executive Director Linda McCarthy, founding members of the clinic from when it began in 1969, local philanthropists and ModSocks staff.

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Nasty Rosie Socks Raise Over $25,000 for Planned Parenthood

ModSocks presents Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood Executive Director Linda McCarthy, right, with $25,000, the to-date profits from the Bellingham, Washington sock company’s Nasty Rosie style — a design depicting cultural icon Rosie the Riveter with her middle finger raised. Staff unanimously selected Planned Parenthood as recipient of 100% of the proceeds from Nasty Rosie sales in a commitment to equal rights and empowering women.

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We Can Do It!

At ModSocks, we are used to people getting our name wrong and calling us MADSocks. The name fits because we’re furious over the dismantling of women’s rights. That is why we have pledged to give Planned Parenthood 100% of our profits from our new Nasty Rosie socks.

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