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A Cause to Celebrate

BELLINGHAM, Wash. (May 9, 2019) — Today ModSocks sponsored Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood's 50th anniversary kickoff celebration. In attendance were Planned Parenthood president Dr. Leana Wen, the board of directors including Executive Director Linda McCarthy, founding members of the clinic from when it began in 1969, local philanthropists and ModSocks staff.

ModSocks' connection with Planned Parenthood began with the brand's Nasty Rosie the Riveter collection of socks. These socks were designed to raise money with their sales for the health care provider. They show Rosie the Riveter as a nasty woman, fighting back against patriarchy and oppression with a raised middle finger and the word “NASTY” tattooed on her arm. They proved to be popular with customers across the country, and ModSocks was pleased to present its first gift to Planned Parenthood for $25,000 in November 2018. To sponsor the anniversary celebration, ModSocks donated another $14,000, in effect paying for this important fundraising event with fun socks.

At the celebration, employees from ModSocks were treated to drinks, appetizers and a cake so large our table couldn't even finish it. The staff took photographs with Dr. Wen and spoke with doctors and donors about our fun socks and the money they were helping raise for this important cause. Some celebrants even bought their own ModSocks at the event, where Nasty Rosie was sold alongside Planned Parenthood T-shirts, tote bags and other merchandise.

The mood was lively and passionate, with moving speeches from McCarthy and Wen. For 50 years, Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood has provided family planning, pregnancy prevention and sexual health services to Whatcom, Skagit, and San Juan counties.

ModSocks makes its donations with the specification that the money be used wherever the need is greatest. Often, that means care for individuals. It is the company's hope that their socks will continue to touch peoples' lives and empower them, whether through their access to health care or simply their ability to express themselves!

ModSocks is a designer and wholesaler of novelty socks with designs ranging from sloths, constellations, cat mermaids, guitars, florals, Sasquatch, books, coffee and more. The line is sold directly on Amazon and in hundreds of stores across 36 states, which can be found online at

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