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We Can Do It!

Nasty Rosie the Riveter Socks in yellow and navy

At ModSocks, we are used to people getting our name wrong. The most common mistake is MADSocks. When it happens, we laugh because it's true.

Our employees hold many views and come from different backgrounds, but one thing that makes all of us furious is the dismantling of women's rights. That is why we have pledged to give Planned Parenthood 100% of our profits from our new Nasty Rosie socks, available online at ModSock and at many of our retail partners.

ModSocks’ knee-high Nasty Rosie the Riveter Socks depict intersectional feminism at work.

These socks aren't sweet or sugar-coated. This is Rosie the Riveter as you've never seen her before, flexing her tattooed biceps and flipping off those people telling her to get out of the assembly line and back in the kitchen. These socks are our reaction to the injustice we see in our society right now, and they are quite literally a “f*ck you” to those perpetuating that injustice.

Need a pair of feminist socks that are safe for work? Consider taking a stand in our worksafe Rosie the Riveter socks, ModSocks' modern update to the original can-do historic icon.

We made the Nasty Rosie collection because we felt that it was time to show the world exactly what we believe in. We believe in gender equality. We believe that Black lives matter. We believe that when we work together, a bunch of nasty, amazing, hardworking people can change history.

We can do it.